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Deals machine are one of the leaders in global online wholesale. Since 2006, they have expanded year-on-year and now cater to the needs of a diverse global customer base, shipping thousands of orders from around the globe every day. With a committed focus on wholesale products and services, they also provide free shipping for small items ensuring all of their customers enjoy maximum value and peace of mind with secure transactions.

A leading international online store and professional wholesaler since 2006, they provide the very best in high quality consumer electronics and other products including cheap Android phones and Android tablets, the latest accessories for mobiles and tablets, hobbies and toys, watches, outdoor and sports equipment, and household items. As a professional global wholesaler, they leverage years of in-house technical expertise, strict QC processes and an extensive network of suppliers to export high quality goods to customers all over the world.

They provide high quality products at extremely competitive factory direct prices to their worldwide customers and partners such as eBay sellers, store owners and wholesalers no matter where they are based. They have a dedicated international dropship service ensuring that they pass on their cost savings to all our customers, allowing them to make a profit and develop their own businesses incrementally. Following the principle of “Superb quality, exemplary service”, they are striving hard to be business partners with entrepreneurs worldwide.

Their mission:

1. To provide an extensive range of high quality goods at the most competitive factory direct prices.
2. To work alongside our valued customers to develop their businesses incrementally.
3. To maximize the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of our international buyers.
4. To strategically utilize market trends and business intelligence to serve our customers’ diverse sourcing and procurement needs.

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android 5.1_dealsmachine

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